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Access Control Keypads

Access Control - permit or deny the access to areas and resources in a given physical facility.

Building Automation – increase the performance of your Building Automation System at the field level.

Custom Electronics – customize and simplify residential electronic systems with architectural quality keypads.

Security – improved performance in vending and kiosk applications with increased durability.

Haptic Technology

Actuators - Haptics is enabled by the actuators that apply the forces to the skin for touch feedback. A wider range of effects and rapid response times mean better control.

Teleoperators and simulators - for remote controlled robotic tools. When contact forces are reproduced to the operator, it is called "haptic teleoperation". Example: Medical and flight simulators.

Computer and video games – that allow the haptic simulation of objects, textures, recoil, momentum, physical presence of objects in games.

Mobile consumer technologies - tactile haptic feedback is becoming common in cellular devices (vibration response to touch). Example: touch-screen car navigation and stereo units.

Virtual reality - Haptics add a sense of touch to previously visual-only solutions. Example: user interfaces to the virtual world via a tool or stylus adding a form of interaction.

Research – to provide feedback, allowing discrimination between various shapes, textures, and resiliencies.

Medicine - haptic interfaces for medical simulation training of minimally invasive procedures and remote surgery using teleoperators. Haptics is used as a teaching aid in palpatory diagnosis (detection of medical problems via touch).

Robotics – Haptics aid in the use of touch, pressure, and position to reproduce user tactile sensation.

Arts and design – Haptics allow interactivity in real-time with virtual objects. Haptics are used in virtual arts for synthesis of sound or for graphic design and animation.