Software-Free Touch Control User Interface Components

for Your Brand

IntuiTek™ Modular Interface Components introduce electronic switch products that offer finger touch and finger swipe switch controls for placement behind non-conductive plastic or glass substrates. Manufacturers and entrepreneurs now have the ability to provide their customers products with the touch interfaces that they prefer.

  • Software-free design reduces product development costs
  • Solid-state electronic design with unmatched switch reliability
  • Integrated touch input interfaces with no component tooling investment
  • Customizable user feedback differentiates your product
  • Relative sizes of IntuiTek Modulat Interface ComponentsFlexibility and scalability accelerates development cycles

Each solid-state array incorporates TouchSensor's patented Field-Effect sensing technology that offers unmatched reliability. The peel-and-stick modular arrays with LED lighting options are UL Recognized Components, and are calibrated for either 2 mm plastic or 4 mm glass applications.

Modular Interface Components Matrix of Features
  IntuiTek Modular Interface Components 100 series IntuiTek Modular Interface Components 200 series
  100 series 200 series
3 - 5 V dc 5 V dc
Output 100 mA 10 mA
Size Small Medium
Shape Bullet Square/Rectangle
Compact linear and
circular sliders
Uniform keypad grids
Array 1x1 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, 1x4
  • Solder Pads
  • Daisy-Chain
  • Solder Pads
  • Wire Harness
  • No lighting
  • Single-point LED
  • Auto LED-On
  • No lighting
  • Single-point LED
  • Ring lighting



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