IntuiTek 200 Series Modular Interface Components

The IntuiTek™ 200 Series Modular Interface Components are easy to use solid-state, touch-sensitive switches. The switches make engineering prototypes come to life, bring cutting edge touch technology to DIY projects, add style and flair to classroom assignments, and increase product reliability.

IntuiTek modular interface components 200 seriesDownload PDF specification for IntuiTek 200 series components!The 200 Series switches use the same patented touch technology found on many award-winning products on the market today by major manufacturers in a variety of industries. The software-free, peel-and-stick switches adhere behind a glass or plastic panel and transmit a low-voltage signal whenever user-touch is sensed through the panel. In addition to touch, the switches can also detect conductive objects like steel, aluminum, etc.

Download PDF Installation Instruction for IntuiTek 200 series componentsThe 200 Series switches are medium-sized symmetrical square modules for simple edge-to-edge tiling to quickly create any touchpad grid. These switches are available in 1x1, 1x2, 1x3, and 1x4 array configurations for use with either 2 mm thick plastic or 4 mm thick glass panels. The 200 Series is available with either no lighting, single-point LED lighting, or LED ring lighting. Electrical connections are made with pre-fabricated ribbon cables or your own soldered wires.

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Component Substrate Style LED SKU Price
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Pigtail Harness

Component Style SKU Price
8" Pigtail Harness
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Component Description SKU Price
Reflector Dome Replacement Reflector Dome REFLDOME $6.00
Application Tool Soft Tip For applying any configuration to hard surface APPLICTOOL $10.00

Engineering Development Kit

ENGKITPLS includes: (3) 1X1NON-PLS, (3) 1X1IND-PLS, (3) 1X1RNG-PLS, (2) 1X4NON-PLS, & (1)APPLICTOOL
ENGKITGLA includes: (3) 1X1NON-GLA, (3) 1X1IND-GLA, (3) 1X1RNG-GLA, (2) 1X4NON-GLA, & (1)APPLICTOOL

Component SKU Price
Engineering Development Kit - Plastic Substrate ENGKITPLS $250.00
Engineering Development Kit - Glass Substrate ENGKITGLA $250.00

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